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Secret Park

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Our Story

Welcome to Secret Park, a place where the old and new of the neighborhood merge. Once a classic establishment in our community, this location became a labor of love when our family became involved. With dedication and a vision, we breathed new life into this space, creating an inviting space for all.


Our focus? Crafted cocktails and friendly staff welcoming all into a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Our story is a testament to the evolving vibe of the neighborhood and a tribute to the power of community reinvention. We raised our children in this neighborhood and enjoyed being part of the diversity, vibrance, and pride of neighborhood.  Our namesake was taken from our children’s “secret” park just beyond the trees on the beautiful Field Club Trail.  It was a favorite place of our family and holds special memories.


We hope that you can join us at Secret Park to enjoy this beautiful and vibrant neighborhood and make some special memories of your own.

We look forward to hearing from you!

We offer craft cocktails, live music, special events, and event space rental.


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